What have oranges got to do with Marketing?

Because business, like oranges, come in all shapes and sizes… on the outside. But to get to the heart of your business, we need to peel away the skin and see what’s going on on the inside. Then we can identify the right way forward.

Because just as oranges are good for you – good marketing is good for you, and your business.

Nature has got it right.
We just need to do the same thing, and keep it simple.

Simply put, I offer marketing support in 3 different ways:

Unpeel® – your personal marketing mentor

Good marketing starts with preparation. Just as you might plan a special event, your day to day business and communication needs a plan too.

Unpeel goes back to the start, analyses how you and your business tick, gives a clearer picture of the future marketing focus, and builds a firm foundation for action going forward.

If you’re starting something new, or if marketing simply doesn’t seem to work for you, then Unpeel® makes sure you cover all your bases and puts you on the right track.

It’s a 4-week programme blending fact-finding, video meetings, reporting and mentoring, where together we address:

Clarity of vision and objectives; Strategy and analysis; Creative sound-boarding for new initiatives; Confidence building and trouble-shooting; Implementation planning.

At the end of 4 weeks, you will be on track, fired up and ready to go. But should you need more help, I offer a 3 month consultancy ‘Unpeel-rate’ to help you on your way.

Contact me now to book your free 30 minute discovery call and get ready to feel great about your marketing.

Marketing Action Group

When you’re working on your own, or running your business with little support, marketing activity can easily get sidelined while the work is pouring in.

Marketing Action Group helps you balance your priorities. Facilitated and led by Susan Branigan, join 3 other business owners/managers, for 3 hours every second Monday, over 3 months. Call it your Marketing Board Meeting.

This small group approach is for businesses who would welcome focused help and confidence to stay on the right marketing track.

Sessions include:

Problem solving; marketing updates and discussion; shared experience; strategy, planning and objective setting; positive habits and benchmarking.  There is a strong emphasis on guided practical work within each session, tailored to each member.

Why Monday? So that you can start the week knowing that you’ve covered a mass of work that would have taken you far longer otherwise, freeing you of a burden of guilt and allowing you tackle your everyday job with renewed energy.

If you feel you need further help, then a special ‘MAG-rate’ applies to consultancy over the next 6 months.

Do you want to talk it through? Contact me now, I’m here to help.

Marketing Implementation Packages

Okay, so the preparation has been done, the plan is in place. Now it’s time to take action. But do you have the time, energy, or inclination. Truly? If you’ve found the objective team working helpful, and want an extra pair of hands to consistently implement your plan, then that’s okay too.

For a fixed monthly fee, you can delegate those activities out, leaving you free to get on with your own job. Each month, you’ll get an update with metrics, so that we can measure success every step of the way.

It’s simple. It works. Job done.

Does that sound like just the job? Click here to request further information.

Additional segments include:

And in the same way as oranges are made up of many segments, marketing too offers so many activities to choose from. It’s about finding the right mix for you and your business. Below are some of the initiatives that may help:

  • Identifying and understanding your target market
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing Plans
  • Marketing message and sales pitch
  • Website review and recommendations
  • Content writing
  • Literature content and design
  • Communications Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Sales letters
  • Sales training
  • Customer service review (onsite observation) and plan
  • Creative brief e.g. branding