Seasonal slow down? Opportunity knocks

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Lazy hazy days of summer, long light evenings, holidays… all makes this time of year more of a challenge to keep business booming.

Customers may be away, or busy covering for colleagues on holiday, and so your work might be thinner on the ground. But rather than worry, use this time as an opportunity to get your own business sorted. Make yourself your customer – prioritize what you need done, while you have the chance.

Here are 3 simple, realistic and achieveable actions you can undertake during the summer season:

  1. Review your marketing plan

Where are you relative to your original plan? What actions still have to be completed? Is the environment still the same, or do you need to implement Plan B?

Maybe you don’t already have a marketing plan, so now’s a good time to put something together. Look at your competitors – where do you sit in amongst them? Do you know where your customers are and how you can engage? Review your message – is it clear to the right people? Maybe time for some research, a quick SWOT analysis to get your priorities in order, or even work with an external advisor to get help with this aspect of your game.

  1. Schedule your social media

Scheduling is easy with tools such as SmarterQueue, Buffer and Hootsuite. Most blog pages in website CMS should have a scheduler too, so if you have a social media/blogging strategy, then you can easily and efficiently write any amount of content and then simply schedule it and, well, forget about itreally… leaving you free to tackle the other areas of your business needing attention.

Needless to say, if you don’t have such a strategy, definitely consider spending some time on this. Think about what your goals are for this type of engagement; who is your audience, what do you want to say to them… what do they want to hear and when and where will they be? And how does the social media strategy fit in with your wider marketing plan?

  1. Prepare for Christmas

Yes, I said Christmas. Depending on your business, you may already have started. But as the rush starts earlier every year, get in there fast. Do you send cards? Print them now; Do you run gift offers – get them out now. (Recent research identified that buyers are starting to investigate Christmas gift ideas as early as August… although if you want to catch cheaper shipping options to rellies down under then it’s not so crazy an idea after all); or prepare a pre-christmas vlog and get yourself noticed.

But it’s also a good time to look at your valued customer list again. Even if it’s  just to thank them for their business during the year,it’ll be appreciated. But you may have some important news to share, and reminding them of your existence and innovation will give them another opportunity to engage with you – or even tell others about your service.


So make the most of the summer – and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running once again when everyone’s back at their desks.

If you want to make seasonal work for you,  contact me today, for a free, no obligation chat.

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