How to make marketing more accessible to smaller businesses

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Welcome to the Marketing Party


Last month, I wrote about looking at marketing in a new light, and how, if we can look at it as a series of processes that start way before the sale, it becomes a little more clear – and hopefully will simplify our understanding of how we should approach it.

This November blog is all about building on that – by looking at some basic marketing tenets that will make it more accessible – and make it work better for you… sometimes it’s simply about knowing where to start.

If most people associate marketing with the activity – the advertising, the pr, the social media etc – then I’m asking you to start instead with a ‘Pre-Marketing’ frame of mind.

Because there’s so much activity to choose from, breaking it into chunks will make it easier.

Think about it. Say you’re planning a special event – maybe a business launch, a milestone party, or a wedding. You want it to be just right. You want to impress your guests. And you’d like to have a good time too. So what do you do – take on the organisation yourself, or hire someone to do the doing?

Either way, its about planning. What’s the occasion, is there a them, who’s invited, when and where, to do list, running order for the event itself, what to wear, directions to guests etc etc.

Marketing is not that different – here’s your ‘marketing party’ checklist:

  • You’re preparing for a great event (taking your product or service to market)
  • You want to invite special guests (target market)
  • Send out the invitations (know where they are, on what platforms and when…e.g. if you’re a tourism company specializing in retirement holidays, you’re not going to send your message to young families)
  • Give them an experience they’ll love (know your audience and target market)
  • Show them a great time (make them experience the wow factor)
  • Want them to talk about it for ages afterwards (cover all angles so they do nothing but relax and enjoy and rave about their experience)
  • Have time to get around and chat with your guests to make them feel welcome (your comms plan for what you’ll chat about that will interest them and make them feel special – and a procedure for the event itself so you have time to engage with everyone)
  • Drop your guests a thanks-note afterwards (after sales service and develop the relationship)

Next month, I’ll develop this theme of accessible marketing, and look at how you can save time ultimately, by doing your marketing preparation up front. I’ll take a look at the Marketing Mix, and how you can use it to get a great head start on marketing that really can work for you.

For now, you know what to do – let the festivities begin!

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