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A time to be human…


As I write, everyone’s nearing shut-down mode for the Christmas holidays. As am I. The last thing on my list for today was the Christmas emails…

Because this is the second year I opted to send online greetings instead of physical cards, and although on the surface it seems a cop out, I’m trying to convince myself otherwise.

It started a few years ago, when one of my very first clients showed me some environmental statistics on the impact of our annual big-post. Not only the trees themselves, but everything else involved, was quite staggering.

Add to that the number of charities out there crying out for funding – and all are extremely worthy causes.

So it was with greater conviction this year that I decided to swap your card for a charitable donation.

It was certainly a lot easier than handwriting scores of cards, queuing for stamps, and definitely nicer than licking envelopes… in fact, the whole process was very straightforward – excellent website, top usability, and clear calls to action. Upon completing the very quick transaction, I then received an acknowledgement.

And that just about blew me away. The message was carefully crafted for sure, but in an extremely sincere, heartfelt way. It was so personal, so unafraid of expressing feeling and so moving, that I really did have to wipe away a tear.

But it wasn’t in the least sentimental, just honest.

This past year, there’s been a lot of talk about authenticity. And part of me is desperate to just ‘get to the point’ and speak from the heart… and just tell it like it is. There’s a time and a place for stories, but sometimes, increasingly so, the simple truth is pure refreshment. It doesn’t make us less professional. In fact, quite the opposite. As my experience shows, the process behind the message was smooth as silk. Everything had been considered, planned and executed. It was all systems go, which allowed the charity the space to get personal.

From a business perspective, we have so many platforms available to us now on which to communicate and show our true colours. I wrote a while back about people buying from people… Was there ever a better time than now to reveal our human side?

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