Sales and Marketing has always been my bread and butter; Finding solutions and helping others is what makes me tick… and everyone has a story to tell, so here’s mine.

In my final year of university in Ireland, it became clear that the next step had to be creative. I had always been interested in business, but was also very keen on art and  design. I signed up to a Graphic design programme in the College of Marketing and Design. But a fateful admin error a few weeks before the course started changed my direction to Marketing. I went from that diploma in marketing to the world of work, starting in Customer Service, then Sales, and on to New Business Development… and further studies by night for a Marketing degree…for good measure. Design is always there for me though – and I like to think that creativity is a key hallmark of the work I do for my clients today.

Key to who I am – a professional who believes in hard work and a touch of humour, an organiser who’s honest, and a loyal ally to manage your marketing challenges – so that you can have confidence that I will be fully on your side as the work is completed efficiently and to plan.

I am passionate about small businesses getting the right chance to survive and grow, and I also believe we can all help each other.  And so I try to give help where I can – by being fully present for my clients and giving my best; by giving to social causes through my work, whether that’s sourcing stationary from sustainable sources, or donating to charities; and through offering my services on a pro bono basis to one small business every year.

And as a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, I’m into good marketing done well – which means adding value and achieving a measurable return on investment.

My Clients – Real People

It’s all about people – my clients, and their customers – real people who want clarity, direction and perspective – and who are ready to think outside the box of everyday and reap the rewards…

My clients come from a range of businesses – mostly service related, and working directly with their customers.

They are passionate about what they do, have a strong sense of right and wrong, and are prepared to stick their neck out to help make a difference to other lives, community or environment.

And they want balance, simplicity and the knowledge that they are doing the marketing bit right, and doing the best by their business.

If this is you, then we could work really well together.

So send me an email or give me a call by simply pressing the button below – we could do something great for your business, and at the very least, it’ll help you get some clarity. What’s not to like?