What does your marketing look like?
Do you know what to do next?
Do you have the time?

Welcome to the Marketing Orange© approach to making marketing work – for you and your business.


Marketing Orange© gets under the skin of your operation, to identify a way forward and develop confident, creative marketing processes, to grow your client base, profit and work satisfaction.



Marketing is defined by the UK’s Chartered Institute of Marketing as ‘the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably”.

The problem is, it’s complex. Easy to talk about but tricky to coordinate and deliver. Finding the right marketing solution is like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes. So we start from within, take a step back, and find out what’s going on inside, to get the right message that’s visible from the outside….



There are so many aspects to consider – objectives, goals and targets; research and analysis; customer engagement, journey and touchpoints; campaign implementation and internal processes; monitoring and measurement,
… not to mention ongoing customer care, communications, new business development… if you don’t plan it, write it down, you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t get lost.



Do you have time? The reality is that taking care of the day-to-day running of the business leaves little room for planning and coordinating effective strategies for a strong customer base.

So it makes sense to have a committed partner on board to get things done.

So, if your marketing is in a muddle, just call or email today – and start feeling better about your business.

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Because marketing, done right… does work ©

fabulous clients, lovely feedback

  • We have enjoyed working with Susan, and it’s been a great opportunity for us to step back and thoroughly review our marketing activities. We are confident that our plans going forward will now leverage cost and time savings. This has been a worthwhile exercise and definitely good value for money.

    Stark Main
    Stark Main Stark Main Tax Advisers and Accountants, Selkirk
  • Susan and I did an Unpeel session which was hugely successful. On the back of that, I hired Susan to work on my marketing and help me make my business more visible in Scotland and the UK.

    Nadin Dunnigan
    Nadin Dunnigan Director
  • Susan gave us a good grounding on what was needed to improve our marketing success and once we started to implement her ideas, we saw an increase in turnover. She gave us the confidence & tools to carry the marketing plan forward.

    Pete Flynn
    Pete Flynn Owner, Salt Cave Edinburgh
  • Susan has been a wonderful help to my business. Already I can see a return on investment… & have no hesitation recommending Susan Branigan Marketing to anyone who feels their business has lost its way a little bit and needs some strategic help.

    Caroline Phillips
    Caroline Phillips Alba SEO Services